Light, or visible light, is electromagnetic radiation of a wavelength that is visible to the human eye (about 400–700 nm). In a scientific context, the word light is sometimes used to refer to the entire electromagnetic spectrum.[1] Light is composed of elementary particles called photons.
Three primary properties of light are:
  • Intensity, or brightness;
  • Frequency or wavelength and;
  • Polarization or direction of the wave oscillation.
Light can exhibit properties of both waves and particles. This property is referred to as wave-particle duality. The study of light, known as optics, is an important research area in modern physics.

Lasers produce an amplified, highly concentrated, bright, and powerful beam of light through stimulated emission of radiation. They are used in many realms of life including medicine, military, entertainment, and telecommunitcation.

Wavelengths & Speed of Light
The electromagnetic spectrum is made up of different speeds of wavelengths and include ultraviolet and infrared rays. There are several different kinds of electromagnetic waves that move at the speed of light. Many scientists worked to discover the actual speed of light.

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Mirrors are closely related to lenses, but have reflective surfaces. They have the ability to create real and virtual images.

Lenses are used to view things a certain way. How an object is viewed under a lens depends on the lens' focal length and radius of curvature.

Since the beginning of time, humans have strived to discover and understand what light exactly is. Light has had a great impact on our culture.
Solar Power
The energy we receive from the sun has great potential in the areas of powered cars and heating houses. Solar energy also provides food for the Earth.

When light is emitted from a lamp, torch or the sun, it travels at the amazing speed of 300 00km per second!
Light travels do fast that :

  • It takes light from the sun just 8 minures 30 seconds to reach the earth.
  • Light reflected from the moon takes just 1.3 seconds to reach the earth.
  • A ship 10km from a lighthouse would receive its light just 0.000 03 s (or 3 hundered thousandths of a second) after it was emitted.