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H E Y !

Have a look at your practise SATs results

Individual issues will be dealt with on the reports / parents evening and followed up over the next few weeks. On the whole though , well done. It was a difficult test.

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Light By Elle Ellis And Amiee:D
Atoms and Elements by Sarah Wahooo!
Jack and Jay with lots of energy
electric circuits with Sarah and Leah
cells with Ellis, Amy and Elle
sPeCialiSeD cElls WiTh cHanTeLlE
Hollie and Jasmine show you reproduction, LOL
plants with Alii and Emii
Abi, Kim and Ria tell you all about metals and acids and acids and alkalis too
James and Chris doing reactivity
forces and gravity with Bail, Matt and Andy
Todd and Evo doing da space ting
Megan and Hope rocks
Fit and Healthy with Kim and Olivia
Maddie and Abbie do some adaptation
Light and Sound
environment and feeding